Conveyancing leads delivered direct to your firm

If you are a solicitor or licensed conveyancer looking for more conveyancing cases for your legal business we can help.

We specialise in providing conveyancing lead generation with qualified residential conveyancing leads provided from our own specialist conveyancing websites.

Conveyancing leads

Our conveyancing leads are delivered to you in real time as soon as the user has requested an online conveyancing quote.

When you receive the conveyancing lead, the customer will already have had a quote with your fees delivered to their email and details of your company.

The sooner you contact the client regarding their enquiry the high the conversion rate will be.

How it Works

When you sign up with My Conveyancing Specialist you will gain access to our backend system where you can enter your details and pricing structure. You can choose what areas you wish to receive conveyancing enquires from.  You can select multiple areas or even national enquires.

You can also set the number of enquires you wish to receive each month, and even turn off if you have to many cases on at the same time.

Our system is totally flexible and is build with the conveyancing company in mind, as well as providing the best service to the users of our website.

If you are looking to increase your conveyancing business then why not sign up for a free trail and see how good our conveyancing leads are.

In Detail

If you provide a quality conveyancing service, then why not work with My Conveyancing Specialist. We offer a FREE trial for conveyancing leads with no obligation. We are so confident you will like our leads that we have no membership fees and we want no completion fee.

All we ask if you like are free trail and wish to have more leads, you simply deposit £500 and the leads you receive will be deducted from this credit amount. You can top-up if and when you wish to receive more enquires and can switch off and back on at any time to suit your business.

We charge a flat fee of £6.99 +VAT for all leads from a £150,000 sale or purchase up to over £1,000,000 sale or purchase.

You pay nothing else and keep 100% of your conveyancing fees.

All we ask is that you provide a great conveyancing service to our users.

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