Buying a house with loft conversion without building regulations

9th April 2020
It is not uncommon for people to only become aware that the houses they are buying come with loft conversions without building regulations when obtaining the local authority search. This often comes up during the process of conveyancing. This may cause primarily three issues: The loft conversion might be inhabitable. The property’s worth my not…

How to Avoid Stamp Duty on Second Home

6th March 2020
Since April 2016, owners of second homes in England and Northern Ireland will have to pay an additional rate of stamp duty. The rate applies to both leasehold and freehold properties, particularly those costing over £40,000. This is applicable whether you are purchasing the property outright or with a mortgage. You will also be required…

Conveyancing Fees

4th March 2020
Thanks to the internet revolutionizing the way we consume and seek knowledge, it has helped us gain an slight insight into the whole conveyancing processes and fees involved in buying, selling or remortgaging our properties. Customers can now study quotes online, look at consumer news, insights from customer ratings and reviews to have a stronger…

Buying a house without building regulations approval

3rd March 2020
What to look for when buying a house without building regulations approval   If you are actively searching for a house to buy in the UK, you should be aware of the building regulations approval. The government has set a statutory prerequisite to guarantee that structures are planned and built as per the Building Regulations…

A Deed of Trust – what it is and why it’s important to have one

27th February 2020
A Deed of Trust If you and another person are planning on buying property together as an investment, then it is extremely important that you obtain a Deed of Trust as protection for the investment. When you approach an agent to help you with the purchase of the property, they will ask you if you…

What is stamp duty in wales 2020

27th February 2020
All About Stamp Duty in Wales 2020 update   Stamp duty in wales is called Land Transaction Tax (LTT). This tax applies to people who buy or take leasehold on land and property in Wales. This new stamp duty system was introduced in 2018, making Wales different from the rest of the UK. The new…

How Long Does it Take to Buy a House

26th February 2020
  A house is probably the biggest purchases you will ever make in your life, and that is why you have to approach the purchase slowly. The process will be quite lengthy, and it will vary depending on a few factors. The pre-approval process alone can take a few days, and searching for the home…

Why Do Solicitors Take So Long to Exchange Contracts?

25th February 2020
Most individuals often wonder why solicitors take too long to exchange contracts, whether it’s a purchase or sale. There are numerous factors that can cause delays from delays in conducting or obtaining the searches, a difference in valuations, the size of the chain, unresponsive buyers or sellers, a solicitor having too much to handle or…

Can I Force the Sale of a Jointly Owned Property?

18th February 2020
Forcing the Sale of a Jointly Owned property Selling a co-owned property or land can be stressful, especially when the other legal owner (s) disapprove the sale. When this is the case, the legal owner intending to sell the property can make an application to a court for an order for sale. Upon the granting…

Current average house prices.

7th February 2020
These are the current average house prices followed by the change in percentage and cash terms over the past decade, according to Zoopla:   Aberdeen, £158,945, minus 0.7%, minus £1,164   Belfast £137,987, minus 3.4%, minus £4,896   Birmingham, £167,624, 43.1%, £50,520   Bournemouth, £291,023, 44.5%, £89,576   Bristol, £285,564, 67.7%, £115,243   Cambridge, £416,932,…

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