What does offers in excess of mean?

26th February 2021
Buying a house or property is not an easy task. The process can be challenging and cause a lot of headache. You have to deal with complicated mortgage forms and fragile chains that may cause a deal to collapse instantly. For this reason, most people go to real estate agents to help the process more…

How to sell my house quickly for a good price

2nd February 2021
How to Quickly Sell My House for a Fair Price It is emotionally challenging and time-consuming to sell a house more so for someone who has never done it before. Some people feel like potential buyers are invading their privacy when they come to view the house, opening and closing cabinets, and poking around. Prospective…

How long between exchange and completion ?

29th January 2021
Over the years, solicitors would meet physically and exchange contracts. But things have changed, and nowadays it’s done by agreeing over the phone. On the exchange day, legal companies contact each other and agree on the deposit of funds and the terms of sale, and the completion date. They will then inform the solicitors, who…

How Long Does It Take to Buy a House With No Chain?

6th January 2021
Conveyancing is quite a lengthy process, and it is almost impossible to determine the exact timescales involved. However, usually, a conveyance might take anywhere between 6 and 12 weeks, particularly when a property is tied to a chain. On the other hand, the process can be shorter when there is no onward chain. Chain-free properties…

Solicitor Fees for Selling a House

22nd December 2020
Solicitors Fees Selling any property can be an uphill task. You need to know how to manoeuvre through the hoops of bureaucracy. More often than not, many property sellers end up making a loss instead of a profit on the house’s sale. It may be occasioned by the various charges you need to pay before…

Transfer of equity solicitor – What you need to know

24th November 2020
Transfer of equity is the inclusion or exclusion of an individual from a title deed of a property. It is a partial or complete change in the ownership of a property. A transfer of equity is done in the presence of a solicitor. The new title deed will reflect new ownership once both parties bring…

Memorandum of Sale – What you need to know

13th November 2020
You may have come across the term ‘Memorandum of sale’ while selling or buying a property but maybe unacquainted with it or its importance. For any prospective buyer who looks to submit a mortgage loan application or a seller who wants to sell a house quickly, you must obtain this important document. This post explores…

What documents do I need to sell house

11th November 2020
It can be a daunting process to sell your house and most especially with all the hustle and bustle required to obtain the necessary documentation. Though it is an overwhelming experience to change what was once your haven and move into a new house. Conversely, the hard work takes its toll on the homeowner right…

How to Buy a Second Home

6th November 2020
For many people, buying a second home or property can be a very appealing idea, and around 10% of the UK population have second homes. The process of looking for a second property may be a bit easier since you have been through the process of buying your first house., but things can be a…

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