Fensa Certificate – Do you need one when selling my house?

6th December 2019
Selling a house can be stressful and exciting all at the same. It needs a lot of planning and research on the property markets to make a good decision regarding property selling. Whether you are a professional in this sector or a first-time seller, there are various crucial things you need to understand. The most…

Conveyancing Solicitors Ashton-under-Lyne

24th October 2019
Conveyancing Service Ashton-under-Lyne Conveyancing can be expensive and fees vary greatly between solicitors. We have made the conveyancing process cost effective, simple and streamlined. Due to our extensive knowledge and insight of the property market across Ashton-under-Lyne, you can have a piece of mind that the legal side of your move is in safe hands.…

Does a Valuation Mean Mortgage is Approved?

16th October 2019
Nothing beats the feeling of moving to your dream property. However, buying a new house can be an overwhelming financial experience; keeping in mind that this could be one of the most expensive purchases one would ever have to make. It can trigger a lot of anxiety, having to wait for your mortgage to be…

A step by step guide to the conveyancing process

12th October 2019
You cannot buy your initial home, or any other residence without experiencing conveyancing, which is the legal process entailing the transfer of residential property ownership titles between people.   What is conveyancing? The term conveyancing describes all the legal and management work related to transferring the ownership of land or structures from a one person…

Can You Put an Offer on a House that is Sold Subject to Contract?

10th October 2019
In short Yes you can put offer in, but unless it is significantly more than the current offer they are unlikely to except. A house being sold subject to a contract has its advantages and disadvantages. It might not be easy to conclude whether it is safe to put an offer on such a property.…

Is it a legal requirement to provide an electrical safety certificate?

9th October 2019
If you have made any changes to any electrical work in a dwelling in England and Wales since 2005 you must meet Part P of the Building Regulations. Part P states that any person carrying out electrical work in a dwelling has to ensure that reasonable provision has been made in the design and installation…

What does a mortgage surveyor look for

27th August 2019
What is a Mortgage Valuation? A mortgage survey is a real estate survey that reveals a wealth of information about potential problems. It is the valuation of the property you would like to purchase. Other real estate surveys reveal different levels of information. What a Mortgage Surveyor look for? When applying for a mortgage loan,…

What a Brexit means for the residential property market in the UK

13th May 2019
As the UK prepares for the EU referendum to still take action, uncertainty is still lingering about what a Brexit would mean for the property market Brexit, should Britain actually leave the EU. The question is if there is going to be any impact on the residential property market. “If we stay in, it’ll be…

Should we pay off our mortgage in full?

13th May 2019
There have been a lot of debates on this over the years, and the main reason for keeping a small amount on your mortgage was that the lender would carry on holding the mortgaged property’s title deeds safe. The other benefit was so the borrowers would avoid paying an administration fee to the lender for…

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