Can I Force the Sale of a Jointly Owned Property?

18th February 2020
Forcing the Sale of a Jointly Owned property Selling a co-owned property or land can be stressful, especially when the other legal owner (s) disapprove the sale. When this is the case, the legal owner intending to sell the property can make an application to a court for an order for sale. Upon the granting…

Current average house prices.

7th February 2020
These are the current average house prices followed by the change in percentage and cash terms over the past decade, according to Zoopla:   Aberdeen, £158,945, minus 0.7%, minus £1,164   Belfast £137,987, minus 3.4%, minus £4,896   Birmingham, £167,624, 43.1%, £50,520   Bournemouth, £291,023, 44.5%, £89,576   Bristol, £285,564, 67.7%, £115,243   Cambridge, £416,932,…

Is the UK housing market is broken.

21st January 2020
The Government have identified the UK housing market is broken. Serious changes would need to happen to cut out the conveyancing stress and the Government are keen to test reservation agreements. Reservation / deposit agreements to lock home buyers and sellers to transactions could be trailed this year, a lead government official has revealed. It’s…

Conveyancing Process – Buying

13th January 2020
How do i buy a house, what is the conveyancing process when buying a house? The conveyancing process can be very confusing and people do not sometime understand the process even after buying or selling a property. The main complaint throughout the process is it being very time consuming. Here at My Conveyancing Specialist we…

What will happen to property prices in the UK

8th January 2020
The big question is, what’s next for house prices in the UK? Even though prices rocketed in the middle of the last decade, questions hang on the future gains.  UK property prices in the last decade is House prices increased by 33.7% on average across Britain. House prices are forecast to rise by an average…

Free Conveyancing Quotation: Buying, Selling or Remortgaging Property

16th December 2019
Free Conveyancing Quotation – Get an instant quote within seconds My Conveyancing Specialist offer a no hassle, no commitment conveyancing quotation. Whether you are buying or selling a property, we have the best Property Solicitors for your area. Our online quote form will save you time and money. Simply click on the link below:  …

Section 42 Notice – What is it and the Lease Extension Process

9th December 2019
Everything You Need to Know About Section 42 Notice Subject to meeting specific eligibility criteria, the law provides leaseholders with a right to have their lease extended. This right is stipulated in the Leasehold Reform, Housing, and Urban Development Act of 1993, allowing the leaseholder to have a 90-year extension on their lease. To initiate…

Fensa Certificate – Do you need one when selling my house?

6th December 2019
Selling a house can be stressful and exciting all at the same. It needs a lot of planning and research on the property markets to make a good decision regarding property selling. Whether you are a professional in this sector or a first-time seller, there are various crucial things you need to understand. The most…

Does a Valuation Mean Mortgage is Approved?

16th October 2019
Nothing beats the feeling of moving to your dream property. However, buying a new house can be an overwhelming financial experience; keeping in mind that this could be one of the most expensive purchases one would ever have to make. It can trigger a lot of anxiety, having to wait for your mortgage to be…

A step by step guide to the conveyancing process

12th October 2019
You cannot buy your initial home, or any other residence without experiencing conveyancing, which is the legal process entailing the transfer of residential property ownership titles between people.   What is conveyancing? The term conveyancing describes all the legal and management work related to transferring the ownership of land or structures from a one person…

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