What a Brexit means for the residential property market in the UK

13th May 2019
As the UK prepares for the EU referendum to still take action, uncertainty is still lingering about what a Brexit would mean for the property market Brexit, should Britain actually leave the EU. The question is if there is going to be any impact on the residential property market. “If we stay in, it’ll be…

Should we pay off our mortgage in full?

13th May 2019
There have been a lot of debates on this over the years, and the main reason for keeping a small amount on your mortgage was that the lender would carry on holding the mortgaged property’s title deeds safe. The other benefit was so the borrowers would avoid paying an administration fee to the lender for…

Do I have to use a local conveyancing solicitor?

6th December 2018
All to often homeowners are told by estate agents that if they use their conveyancing service the process will be much easier and quicker. This however is hardly ever the case, and in most cases is considerably more expensive. In Short You do not need to use a local conveyancing solicitor, as there are solicitors…

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