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Whether you are looking to buy, sell or remortgage, we will offer you a first-rate service. Conveyancing can be expensive and fees vary greatly between solicitors.

We aim to make this process as simple and convenient as possible. We will provide you with the best price quote we can straight away for any area of England or Wales.

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Buying and Selling a home can be made exponentially simpler when working with My Conveyancing Specialist. Whilst the conveyancing process has gained itself a reputation of being complex and time-consuming, online conveyancing aims to streamline the process to make your life easier. My Conveyancing Specialist is dedicated to providing a service that is convenient and affordable. Whilst working alongside our proficient selection of solicitors, you’ll be protected by our No Sale, No Fee guarantee. This ensures that you and your finances are protected, should your property transaction ever fall through. What’s more, we never charge hidden fees or additional bolt-on costs. What you see is what you pay!

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Previously, conveyancing was known to be the most complex part of purchasing or selling a property. Conveyancing encapsulates the legal transaction of property from one owner to another. After placing an offer on a property, it is important to quickly instruct a solicitor who you trust to complete the conveyancing process. There are several procedures, checks and disbursement fees to be addressed, before completion of the transaction can occur. My Conveyancing Specialist offers an optimised online procedure that eliminates the hassle of moving home.

Our network of solicitors are specialists in the field of property transactions. Their expertise, combined with our optimised online conveyancing process, creates an experience that is convenient and efficient. By completing a quick online quote form you can discover the simplicity that My Conveyancing Specialist has to offer. Provide some essential details and we’ll generate a competitive quote that is price-matched across the UK. We guarantee that you’ll be matched with the most well-equipped solicitor to take your case. Not only will they have expertise in your required field of conveyancing, but they’ll have extensive experience in conveyancing cases in Wallasey. Our services ensure that you face minimal delays and can relax and enjoy the moving experience to its fullest potential.

At My Conveyancing Specialist, we are strong believers that conveyancing shouldn’t be a cause for concern when considering cost. Moving house is already a tremendous investment. For many homeowners, it can be the biggest purchase they’ll ever make. What’s more, saving for a deposit and the subsequent admin fees can be challenging. Whilst you may be able to afford the monthly mortgage payments, you could be overwhelmed by the cost of purchasing a home. Our aim is to open the property market by creating affordable conveyancing. We ensure that all of our quotes are protected by a No Hidden Fee guarantee. Certain fees like the essential disbursement fees or service charges can often be hidden to create a lower price. At My Conveyancing Specialist, our costs are transparent. In your quote form, you’ll receive a breakdown of our costs. Throughout the process, or at the end of the service, you’ll only pay for the price you agreed to in your quote.

We strive to create a conveyancing process that continues as smoothly as possible. There are several ways in which we can relieve some of the pressure of the conveyancing process. We understand how complicated conveyancing can be at first glance. That’s why we take the time to answer all your queries and concerns. Our team of legal experts are available to walk you through the process and explain all the technical jargon. Furthermore, we ensure that you can gain updates at a time that suits you. Our online client portal gives access to the details of your case 24/7. You’ll be able to track your outstanding tasks as well as the steps required by your solicitor. Having a strong understanding of your case and its timeline is essential for a stress-free conveyancing process.

Completing our free online conveyancing quote only takes a few minutes. The quote you receive is completely obligation free. We’ll send you one email with a breakdown of your quote, as well as the details to get started with My Conveyancing Specialist. It’s then up to you to get started with quick and easy conveyancing.

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Types of Residential Conveyancing quotes we offer in Wallasey

  1. Buying and selling property in Wallasey

Initiating a chain transaction can be complex if you don’t have an experienced solicitor to handle it proficiently. Fortunately, all of our solicitors are equipped with years of expertise and extensive certification. When working with the network of solicitors provided by My Conveyancing Specialist, you’ll only receive the highest quality of service to handle your purchase and sale in Wallasey.

  1. Selling a property in Wallasey

Selling a home is a great opportunity to gain access to your assets or create a new journey in your life. Moving on from a previous home can be bittersweet, this usually means you’ll want the process completed quickly. Your dedicated solicitor will ensure that the sale of your property in Wallasey is completed as efficiently as possible. Acting quickly will keep competitive buyers interested, ensuring you can sell your home for the highest price.

  1. Property buying in Wallasey

Purchasing a new home in Wallasey is incredibly exciting! You’re opening the door to plenty of new experiences. Why not start with the conveyancing of your property purchase. My Conveyancing Specialist is able to offer a unique service that has proven to be far more time and cost-effective. Hold onto the excitement of your new home without any overwhelming stress.

  1. Property remortgaging in Wallasey

The services of a certified conveyancing solicitor are frequently required during remortgaging cases. This is necessary when adding or removing an individual from your mortgage deeds. My Conveyancing Specialist can assign a solicitor who has plenty of experience in property remortgaging. They will be able to complete your case quickly and painlessly.


Why it is better to hire a solicitor from the My Conveyancing Specialist Network instead of a local solicitor

Local highstreet solicitors are renowned for charging overpriced fees for their services. The experience offered by My Conveyancing Specialist far outweighs the services offered by traditional approaches to conveyancing. Discover more benefits of online conveyancing.

  1. We charge low fixed prices

Whilst alternative providers of conveyancing services charge an average rate across the board, we ensure that your quote is bespoke to your needs. Once your price is locked in,  you are then protected by our Fixed Fee guarantee. You’ll never pay more than you have agreed to at My Conveyancing Specialist.

  1. It is instant

Whilst the previous approach to gathering conveyancing quotes was complex, online conveyancing has offered a refreshing approach. It is especially important to find your solicitor quicker than ever within the competitive property market. This means deciding on a solicitor, gaining a quote and initiating their services needs to happen quickly. With My Conveyancing Specialist, you can reciceve your quote and instruct your solicitor in a matter of minutes. This is just one of the many ways we put you in control of your conveyancing case.

  1. Access to expert property lawyers across the UK

The network of conveyancing solicitors associated with My Conveyancing Specialist are hand-picked experts. We ensure that only the best solicitors across the UK are available to take your case. Offering experience and professionalism, we guarantee that you solicitor is solely dedicated to your case from start to finish.

  1. You can reach us any day at any time

One of the greatest inconveniences associated with high street conveyancing is the limitation of working hours. Whilst most solicitors are constrained to the 9-5 structure, My Conveyancing Specialist offer services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you need to access your online portal for instant updates or get in touch with our team of legal experts, we’re available when you need us.

We cover all areas of Wallasey and the rest of England and Wales.

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