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If you are looking at buying a property, then homebuyer surveys are a good way to avoid any unexpected repair costs in the future. When buying a property, you need to think objectively, and money spent on a survey could help you save thousands by providing you with the knowledge and ammunition to either negotiate a price reduction or even walk away from the property.

With a home surveyor working by your side, you can ensure you are paying exactly what the property is worth.

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Survey Solutions

Buying a home is an exciting time and it is easy to get swept up in the excitement and overlook property defects. Wouldn’t you like to rest easy knowing that your new home is safe to occupy for you and your family. A survey will provide you with impartial advice on the state of the property and allow you to make an informed choice.

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Types of Survey Offered

We offer three types of property survey reports for you to choose from. Take a look below at our options:

Property Valuation Report


A property valuation report is where a surveyor will assess your new property in order to obtain its real value. This will include an internal and external inspection of the property. The report will also look at factors like recent sales in the area and property market trends.

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Homebuyer Report


A HomeBuyer report covers the general condition of the property and will help you find out if there are any structural problems such as subsidence or damp. The home buyers report will let you know any issues the building might have and allow you to make a reasoned and informed decision on whether to go ahead with buying the property.

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Building Survey


The building survey is the most comprehensive report of its kind and provides an in-depth analysis of the property’s condition. It will include advice on and defects found and include maintenance and repair options. Building surveys are conducted by Chartered Surveyors to ensure the highest standards are met.

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Home Surveys Cardiff

Finding a great deal for your home survey can get challenging. The sheer amount of work that goes into choosing the best surveyor is too overwhelming for many people. That’s why My Conveyancing Specialist is here to help. We have the experience and right expertise to help people find the best surveying options for their properties in Cardiff. Our team works with the objective to make the entire surveying process affordable and less hectic so that you can choose the best surveying options.

If you’re searching for an affordable home survey in Cardiff, we have got you covered. Our team possesses the expertise to thoroughly analyze your home surveying requirements and assist you with finding the best possible options to cater to your requirements.

We can also assist individuals who are looking for a professional Chartered Surveyor in Cardiff. With an in-house team of highly skilled and experienced surveyors who can provide a comprehensive and accurate home survey. With a proven track record of detailed home surveys, we are your one-stop shop to find the best home surveyors and make home surveying less hectic and affordable.


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My Conveyancing Specialist is a reliable Chartered Surveyor in Cardiff providing the best-in-class home surveying assistance. We have partnered with multiple RICS-regulated professionals who can provide you with a customized quote tailored to meet your requirements. From property valuation reports to comprehensive home buyer surveys, we’ll help you get in touch with the right person for the job immediately.

Why choose us for home surveys in Cardiff?

My Conveyancing Specialist provides home surveys in Cardiff conducted by Chartered Surveyors, ensuring a professional and regulated service. Our partners, who are RICS regulated, are experts in their field, offering qualified and experienced professionals for your home survey. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that your survey will be handled by skilled professionals.

In addition, we offer a free quote to give you an idea of the cost before making a purchase. Our user-friendly online search system allows you to quickly find the most suitable Surveyor for your needs. We also cover Cardiff and nearby areas, increasing the likelihood of finding someone close by.

When it comes to Property Reports and Valuations in Cardiff, we want to ensure your confidence. We offer three types of reports and valuations: Home Buyer Survey, Property Valuation Report, and Building Survey Report. At My Conveyancing Specialist, we will assist and support you in understanding these reports, helping you make an informed decision on which one to choose. Furthermore, we provide professional guidance in interpreting and analyzing the report outcomes, ensuring you feel confident about your next steps.

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RICS Condition Report (Level 1)

The RICS Condition Report (Level 1) is an assessment report that examines the condition of a property. It is conducted by a qualified professional who inspects the property and identifies any significant defects or issues, as well as necessary repairs. It’s important to note that this report does not provide a valuation of the property.

The RICS Condition Report (Level 1) is commonly utilized by buyers and sellers to negotiate the property’s price. It can also assist landlords and tenants in reaching an agreement regarding required repairs. Additionally, mortgage lenders may use this report to evaluate the property’s condition.

Energy Performance Certificate

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) contains information about a property’s energy efficiency. It includes an energy efficiency rating, determined through a standardized method. This rating allows for comparison of energy efficiency among different types and sizes of properties.

The certificate also provides details on potential improvements for enhancing the property’s energy performance. The EPC remains valid for 10 years and is required during major renovations.

The purpose of Energy Performance Certificates is to offer information that promotes reduced energy consumption and improved energy efficiency. These certificates can support the development of policies and initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions.

RICS Homebuyers Survey (Level 2)

The RICS Homebuyers Survey (Level 2) is carried out by a qualified RICS surveyor. The report include advice on repairs and maintenance that may be needed.

The RICS Homebuyers Survey (Level 2) is a detailed report which includes:

– A valuation of the property

– An evaluation of the state of the property.

– Advice on repairs and maintenance that may be needed

– RICS Homebuyers Survey (Level 2) reports are comprehensive and easy to understand, making them an essential part of the home buying process.

RICS Building Survey (Level 3)

RICS Building Survey (Level 3) is the most comprehensive and detailed of all RICS surveys. It is appropriate for all sorts of commercial and residential property, including old houses. The RICS Building Survey comprises a full plan of the property’s state, which describes the state of each component of the property. RICS Registered Valuers will also provide an independent market value and reinstatement cost assessment.

The RICS Building Survey is suitable for properties that are:

– Listed buildings

– Older properties

– Homes that require extensive repair or remodeling

– Properties with significant defects

– Properties with complex construction

Residential valuations of Cardiff

Over the previous year, the average price of a property in Cardiff was £281,265 pounds.

The bulk of sales in Cardiff last year were terraced houses, with an average price of £252,538. Semi-detached homes sold for an average of £305,767, while flats sold for £166,072.

Overall, sales prices in Cardiff increased by 7% over the previous year and by 18% over the 2019 peak of £238,705.

Property Valuation Reports Cardiff

Our ‘PVRs’ ascertain:

It is vital to highlight that a Valuation is not a survey because it lacks the following components:

If this is right for you, our Property Valuation Report can reassure you. My Conveyancing Specialist can provide you with the above-mentioned reports for Cardiff; all you have to do is fill out our fast and simple direct quote. You will receive a quotation in seconds and can be sure that it will be affordable.

Get a quick price for a Cardiff Property Valuation Report in seconds.

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Home Buyer Reports Cardiff

The Home Buyer Report is a valuable tool for anyone considering purchasing a property, as it provides an overview of the property’s condition. It can be used to negotiate the purchase price of a property, as it highlights any potential problems that may need to be addressed.

An HBR is a survey for conventional properties that looks at the following issues:

If you’re looking for further reassurance when buying a property, we recommend requesting a Home Buyers Report. By puting your address into our sophisticated tool you can obtain a quick free estimation. For properties in Cardiff, this report will give you an unbiased assessment of the property’s condition and will flag any possible issues that have to be fixed.

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Building Survey Reports Cardiff

A Building Survey Report (BSR) is a document that provides information regarding the condition of a property.

The report will encompass details about the property’s condition, including any defects or issues that have been identified. It is important to note that a building survey report does not guarantee the property’s condition; it serves as a representation of the findings discovered during the assessment.

If you are considering purchasing a property, it is highly recommended to engage a qualified professional surveyor to conduct a building survey report. This will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you are informed about any potential problems with the property before making a commitment to purchase.

For lenders, obtaining a building survey report can assist in assessing the risk of providing loans against a particular property. The report will highlight any flaws or issues that may impact the property’s value and potentially decrease its overall worth.

Building survey reports are applicable to both residential and commercial properties.

However, it is important to understand that the report solely focuses on the property’s condition and does not include information about the surrounding neighborhood or local amenities.

If you require any type of house or building survey in Cardiff or the surrounding areas, please contact us today to receive a free quotation.

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Do I need a Property Valuation Report, Home Buyer Report or a Building Survey Report Cardiff

Prior to purchasing a property, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the distinctions among the various reports and valuations we offer.

A property valuation report is a document that provides an estimation of a property’s value. Prepared by a qualified professional valuer, this report considers several factors, including the property’s location, condition, and features.

A home buyer report offers a more comprehensive assessment, including information on the property’s condition and potential repair or maintenance requirements. It is commonly chosen by buyers looking to purchase a property in need of some work or those seeking assurance of a fair deal on their intended purchase.

The building survey report is the most extensive among the three types of reports. It encompasses details on the property’s condition, major repairs, and necessary renovations. This report is typically preferred by buyers interested in acquiring a property requiring substantial renovation or those who want to ensure they are making a sound investment.

If you are uncertain about which report type is best suited to your needs, we encourage you to reach out to us for guidance. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further advice and assistance.

About Cardiff

Cardiff is the capital and largest city of Wales, and the tenth-largest city in the United Kingdom. Cardiff is a significant tourist destination. The city is the country’s chief commercial centre, the base for most national cultural institutions and Welsh media, and the seat of the National Assembly for Wales.

The unitary authority area’s mid-2011 population was estimated to be 346,100, while the population of the Larger Urban Zone was estimated at 861,400 in 2009. Cardiff is a popular tourist destination and was ranked sixth in the world in National Geographic’s alternative tourist destinations list.

Cardiff is the most popular visitor destination in Wales with 18.3 million visitors in 2010. Cardiff International Airport serves over two million passengers a year, and the port of Cardiff is Britain’s seventh largest seaport. Cardiff was made a city in 1905, and proclaimed capital of Wales in 1955.

Since the 1980s Cardiff has seen significant development. A new waterfront area at Cardiff Bay contains the Senedd building, home to the National Assembly for Wales, and the Wales Millennium Centre arts complex. Current developments include the continuation of the redevelopment of Cardiff Bay with projects such as a new BBC headquarters building, a new Business School for Cardiff University, the Soar Into Cardiff project and a new central library.

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Crime rates in Cardiff

Cardiff is the most dangerous city in South Glamorgan, and it is among the top five most dangerous towns, villages, and cities in the county. Cardiff’s total crime rate in 2021 was 85 offences per 1,000 inhabitants. This compares negatively to the general crime rate in South Glamorgan, which is 0.12 percent higher at 85 per 1,000 persons. Cardiff is the 25th safest city in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland overall, and the 916th most hazardous place among all towns, cities, and villages.



Why use My Conveyancing Specialist


Be Reassured about Property Reports and Valuations.

Buying or selling a house is one of the most stressful things that we do in our lives. To be able to do it, we need reassurance that we are making the right decisions for the right reasons. ‘Caveat Emptor’ (let the buyer beware!) rings in our ears as we are confronted by the jargon of HBR’s, PVR’s and BSR’s -what they are and what they are used for. Here at My Conveyancing Specialist, we make sure you start your move the right way in Cardiff and any surrounding areas.

To simplify:



In this order, they indicate levels of reassurance and cost based on the property that you have chosen to live in. We are here to provide that reassurance based on recommendations provided by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. At My Conveyancing Specialist all our partners are RICS regulated.


Property Valuation Reports.

These reports provide our first level of reassurance and are not dissimilar to those used by mortgagors to assess the ‘value for money’ of your new home.

Our ‘PVR’s’ determine:

It is important to note that a Valuation is not a survey because it does not include:

If this is suitable for you, be reassured by our Property Valuation Report. My Conveyancing Specialist can offer you the reports mentioned above for Cardiff, all you have to do if fill out our quick and easy quote form. You will receive a quotation in seconds and can rest easy it will be at a competitive price.

Get an instant quote for a Property Valuation Report for Cardiff in seconds.

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Home Buyer Reports

These are the next level of reassurance, and are suitable for new builds or conventional properties less than fifty years old. For non-standard properties, a full survey may be preferable. Even for new builds, an HBR may be useful for you to ensure that all ‘snagging’ has been completed by the developer prior to completion.

For conventional properties, an HBR is a survey which looks at the following issues:

For further reassurance, please request a Home Buyers Report. Get your free quotation in seconds for Cardiff.

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Building Survey Reports.

BSR’s are useful for older and/or unconventional properties. This survey addresses wider issues and structural integrity for the future by considering such issues as:

To choose a ‘belt and braces’ approach for total reassurance, please request a Building Survey Report.

If you need any type of home or building survey in Cardiff or the surrounding areas, get a free quote today.

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Which to Choose?

These are important and complicated issues and you may want to discuss your concerns. Please feel free to Contact Us for further advice and reassurance.

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