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Home buyer surveys offer protection against any unexpected repair costs that may arise in the future. By ordering a home survey, you can be sure you are paying the right price for your property. A home surveyor will work with you to assess the condition of the property and identify any potential problems. This information can then be used to negotiate a price reduction or even walk away from the property if necessary. Home buyer surveys are a valuable investment that could save you a lot of money.

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Survey advantages

Surveys are important when buying a property. They provide impartial advice on the state of the property and allow you to make an informed choice. There are different types of surveys available, depending on the level of detail you need. A basic survey will identify any major defects, while a more detailed survey will give you a better understanding of the condition of the property. Surveys are carried out by qualified surveyors who will inspect the property and prepare a report. This report will be tailored to your individual requirements and will highlight any areas of concern. If you are thinking of buying a property, make sure you get a survey carried out to give you peace of mind that your new home is safe and sound.

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Types of Survey Offered

We offer three types of property survey reports for you to choose from. Take a look below at our options:

Property Valuation Report


A property valuation report is where a surveyor will assess your new property in order to obtain its real value. This will include an internal and external inspection of the property. The report will also look at factors like recent sales in the area and property market trends.

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Homebuyer Report


A HomeBuyer report covers the general condition of the property and will help you find out if there are any structural problems such as subsidence or damp. The home buyers report will let you know any issues the building might have and allow you to make a reasoned and informed decision on whether to go ahead with buying the property.

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Building Survey


The building survey is the most comprehensive report of its kind and provides an in-depth analysis of the property’s condition. It will include advice on and defects found and include maintenance and repair options. Building surveys are conducted by Chartered Surveyors to ensure the highest standards are met.

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Home Surveys Stevenage


Homebuyer reports and Building Surveys may be costly, with surveyor fees varying greatly. My Conveyancing Specialist has made the surveying process more economical, simple, and effective. Because of our extensive knowledge and insight into the Stevenage real estate market, you can be certain that the Home Survey for your move is in capable hands.


If you are buying a home in Stevenage, we can put you in touch with a professional, knowledgeable Chartered Surveyor who will do an affordable, quick house survey. With the average property price in the UK rising every year, it is vital that you be aware of the underlying condition of the house you are considering purchasing and if any costly repair work is necessary.

Our Stevenage surveyors are all knowledgeable, professional, and ready to give you with an excellent answer. Join the many clients who have saved time and money by choosing My Conveyancing Specialist for your Stevenage Chartered Surveyor; simply click on the relevant link below:


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If you’re looking for a Chartered Surveyor in Stevenage, you can trust My Conveyancing Specialist to provide an accurate and professional service. We’ll put you in touch with one of our RICS-regulated, professional Chartered Surveyors who will be able to offer you a competitive quote.


There are many different types of surveys available, depending on your needs. A Property Valuation Report is a quick and easy way to get an idea of what your property is worth. A HomeBuyers Survey is a more in-depth report which is perfect if you’re planning to buy a new home. And finally, a Building Survey Report is a comprehensive survey which is recommended if you’re planning to make any major changes to your property.

So whatever your needs, My Conveyancing Specialist can help you get the best survey for your new home. Get in touch today for a free quote.

Why choosing us for home surveys in Stevenage?

There is no better choice for a home survey in Stevenage than My Conveyancing Specialist. All of our Chartered Surveyors are regulated and credit vetted, so you know you’re getting a quality service. And because all of our partners are RICS-regulated, you can be certain that they are professionals in their area.

Furthermore, we provide a free estimate so that you may have an idea of how much it will cost before committing. And with our easy online search engine, you can locate the finest Surveyor for your needs in seconds. Furthermore, we cover Stevenage and the nearby areas, so you’re likely to discover someone close by.

So, if you need a house survey, make My Conveyancing Specialist your first choice. You may be confident that you are in excellent hands because of our knowledge and competence.

We want to make sure you are assured about Property Reports and Valuations in Stevenage

We provide three kinds of reports and valuations: home buyer surveys, property value reports, and building survey reports.

My Conveyancing Specialist will assist and support you in comprehending all of these reports before deciding which one to use.

We will also make certain that you receive expert support in comprehending and interpreting the results of the reports so that you can be confident in your next decision.

To learn more, please contact us immediately.

RICS Condition Report (Level 1)

A RICS Condition Report is a report that assesses the condition of a property. The report is compiled by a qualified professional and gives an overview of the property’s condition, highlighting any areas of concern. The report is suitable for properties in good condition with no major faults or defects.

A RICS Condition Report will:

The report is suitable for properties in good condition with no major faults or defects. If you are looking for a more comprehensive assessment of a property’s condition, you may wish to consider a RICS HomeBuyer Report.

Energy Performance Certificate

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a document that contains information about the energy performance of a property. The certificate must be issued by a qualified assessor and will show how energy efficient the property is, as well as provide recommendations on how to improve its energy efficiency.

The certificate will contain an energy efficiency rating (EER) on a scale of A (very efficient) to G (inefficient). The rating will take into account the property’s construction, insulation, heating and lighting systems, as well as any energy-saving measures that have been installed.

The certificate must be made available to prospective buyers or tenants at the earliest opportunity, and must be given to the new owner or tenant when the property is sold or rented.

RICS Homebuyers Survey (Level 2)

The RICS Homebuyers Survey (Level 2) is a report prepared by a suitably qualified Chartered Surveyor which assesses the condition of a property. It is usually used by purchasers who are buying a home, but do not require a full building survey. The report focuses on the major and urgent repair items which may affect the value of the property.

The RICS Homebuyers Survey (Level 2) is a report prepared by a suitably qualified Chartered Surveyor which assesses the condition of a property. It is usually used by purchasers who are buying a home, but do not require a full building survey.

The report focuses on the major and urgent repair items which may affect the value of the property. These items are given a condition rating, which helps the purchaser to understand the urgency of any repairs that may be needed.

The report also includes advice on further investigations that should be carried out, such as searches for planning permission or building regulation approval. It is important to note that the RICS Homebuyers Survey (Level 2) is not a structural survey.

RICS Building Survey (Level 3)

A RICS Building Survey (Level 3) is a comprehensive report on the condition of a property, usually carried out by a Chartered Surveyor. It is often used by prospective buyers as an alternative to a Homebuyers Report.

A RICS Building Survey will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the condition of the property, as well as advice on any repairs or maintenance that may be required. The report will also highlight any potential problems that could affect the value of the property.

If you are thinking of buying a property, we recommend that you commission a RICS Building Survey (Level 3) to ensure that you are fully informed about the condition of the property before making an offer.

Residential valuations of Stevenage

Over the previous year, the average price of a property in Stevenage was £336,074.

The bulk of transactions in Stevenage during the last year were terraced houses, which sold for an average of £312,421. Semi-detached homes sold for an average of £378,558, while flats sold for £190,724.

Overall, sales prices in Stevenage increased by 3% over the previous year and by 15% over the 2019 peak of £291,474.

Property Valuation Reports Stevenage

A property valuation report is a document that contains an estimate of the value of a property. This report is usually prepared by a professional appraiser or valuer.

The purpose of a property valuation report is to provide information that can be used to make decisions about buying, selling, or keeping a property. The report can also be used to help resolve disputes about the value of a property.

A property valuation report typically contains the following information:

Get a quick price for a Stevenage Property Valuation Report in seconds.

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Home Buyer Reports Stevenage

If you’re thinking about buying a home, it’s important to get a home buyer report. This type of report provides an objective overview of the condition of the property, and can help you avoid making a purchase that may end up costing you more in repairs and maintenance down the road.

A home buyer report typically includes an inspection of the property’s major systems and components, including the roof, foundation, plumbing, electrical, and heating and cooling systems. The report will also note any visible damage to the property, such as cracks in the walls or ceiling, or water stains. In addition, the report will provide an estimate of the remaining useful life of major systems and components.

While a home buyer report is not required by law, it can be a valuable tool in helping you make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase a particular property. Be sure to review the report carefully and discuss any concerns you have with the inspector before making a final decision.

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Building Survey Reports Stevenage

When commissioning a building survey report, it is important to understand what information the report will provide. A building survey report should include:

-The property address

-The date of the survey

-The type of survey conducted (e.g., full structural, home buyers, condition)

-A description of the property condition, including any defects or problems

-Recommendations for repairs or further investigation

Building survey reports can be used by home buyers to gain an understanding of the condition of a property before purchase, by landlords to assess the condition of their rental properties, and by homeowners to keep track of the condition of their homes.

If you need any type of home or building survey in Stevenage or the surrounding areas, get a free quote today.

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Do I need a Property Valuation Report, Home Buyer Reports or a Building Survey Report Stevenage

When considering purchasing a house, it’s critical to know the distinction between a property value report, a home buyer report, and a building survey report. One of these reports may be more appropriate for you than the others, depending on your needs and the state of the property you’re interested in.

Mortgage lenders often utilize a property valuation report to determine the value of a home. This report will give you an assessment of the property’s current market worth as well as any prospective dangers or concerns that may affect the property’s value in the future.

A home buyer report is a more complete report that contains information on the property’s condition as well as any prospective repairs or upkeep that may be required. This report is generally utilised by purchasers who want to buy a home that needs some renovation or who want to make sure they are getting a decent bargain on the property they are interested in.

A building survey report is the most detailed of the three types of reports, containing information on the property’s condition as well as any repairs needed or modifications that may be necessary. This report is typically used by buyers who want to acquire a house that requires extensive repair or who want to ensure that they are receiving a decent bargain on the property they want to buy.

If you’re not sure which type of report is right for you, it’s a good idea to speak to us to discuss your concern. Please feel free to Contact Us for further advice and reassurance.

About Stevenage

Stevenage is a town in Hertfordshire, England. Stevenage is located about 30 miles (48 km) north of London. The first record of Stevenage is from the 11th century when it was known as Stigenace. Stevenage grew rapidly after World War II as part of the “New Towns” movement and became Stevenage New Town in 1946. Stevenage is located on the Great North Road (now the A1(M)) between London and York and has a population of around 84,000. Stevenage was Stevenage Borough until 2009 when it changed to Stevenage Borough Council.

Stevenage is twinned with:

– Kecskemét, Hungary

– Stevenage, United States

– Stevenage, Canada

– Stevenage, Australia

– Stevenage, New Zealand

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Crime rates in Stevenage

Stevenage is Hertfordshire’s most dangerous large town, and it is among the top 20 most dangerous towns, villages, and cities in the county. Stevenage’s total crime rate in 2021 was 81 offences per 1,000 inhabitants. This compares negatively to Hertfordshire’s general crime rate, which is 28% higher than the county’s norm of 58 per 1,000 population. Stevenage is the 46th safest significant town in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland overall, and the 1,071st most hazardous place among all towns, cities, and villages.

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