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11th June 2020

Instant online conveyancing quote

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My Conveyancing Specialist can provide you with an instant online conveyancing quote which will be displayed online, and a full cost quote emailed to you. We can provide you with an instant quote for house purchase only which is buying without a sale.  Sales only which is just selling a property and purchase and sale if selling and buying a new property. We also offer you a quote if you just wish to remortgage  a property. We can also help with Transfer of Equity which is when a jointly owned property is transferred to a single one of those owners. A transfer of equity is the addition or removal of a person to the deeds of the property, and we can provide an instant online quote.

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When buying or selling a property it is both an exciting time, but can also be a stressful time with so many things to organise.

Our service is here to make this move less stressful and ensure it proceeds in a timely and professional manner. By using our instant online conveyancing quote calculator, you can save both time and money on your property move. Our system will put you in touch with a licensed conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor who will ensure the properties involved are legally registered and transferred in a timely manner, and that all legal requirements and searches are carried out.

When you get any conveyancing quote the fees are broken down into two parts:

The legal fees and disbursements.

Legal fees are for the cost the conveyancer or solicitor charges for their time. These should be a fixed fee for this.

Disbursements are the fixed fees that are associated with the transaction incurred by the conveyancer or solicitor when undertaking the work for you.

Always ensure that all fees are fully listed so you know exactly what you are paying.

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R & B Lewis

We have just completed on our house sale and purchase, and despite buyers from hell

M Turnock

Great service from start to finish. The fixed fee enabled me to budget properly and not be hit with any surprise additional cost along the way.

Ciaran Collins

I am currently working with home legal direct and they have been very useful and they’re customer service is great.

Wendy Goldthorp

Opened my matter very quickly and efficiently to refer on to one of their panel firms of solicitors, who contacted me the same day.

James Edwards

Amazingly quick, reliable and very polite. Always in hand when we call!

Brittany Poole

Very helpful Very quick Great price What more do you need?