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27th August 2019

What does a mortgage surveyor look for

What is a Mortgage Survey?

A mortgage survey, or valuation report, is often requested by the mortgage lender to determine the value of a property. This is to ensure they are lending you an adequate amount of money with your mortgage. During the survey, a licensed surveyor, accredited by the royal institution of chartered surveys, will visit the property. Their inspection will cover the visual internal and external factors of the property. They may assess similar properties in the vicinity for their value. This is the least detailed survey that can be performed on a property however, it is nowhere near as in depth as a homebuyers report or full structural survey.

What a Mortgage Surveyor look for?

When applying for a mortgage loan, your lender will commission for a property valuation. The valuation is done to determine whether the property being purchased will be adequate security for the loan requested. The report also advises the lender of any significant defects that could affect the value of the property in the coming years.

Mortgage valuations take approximately 15 to 30 minutes. They are brief and give non-comprehensive information about the condition of your property. The valuation is primarily for the benefit of the lender. Therefore, they make sure the value of the property is worth the risk of investing.

Mortgage lenders send valuation experts to assess the property to determine if it is worth the amount you are negotiating and if the loan needs to be mortgaged. These range from a drive-by assessment to more detailed real estate inspections.

Please note that the evaluators are only interested in matters that may affect the protection of mortgage lenders. Mortgage valuations do not have to reveal structural problems. The lender should know that the loan can be charged.

Although you may pay for the report, it is unlikely that they will give you a copy. Yet the property may have problems, but this will not appear in the appraisal report. We, therefore, urge all users to conduct their own independent investigations and to discuss them further with investigators.

How much does a mortgage valuation cost?

The cost of mortgage valuation depends on the size of the property. The cheapest option charged by a mortgage lender ranges from £120 to £350 depending on the type of property, the number of bedrooms, the purchase price or the specific credit.

Other types of House Surveys and What They Cover

A house survey differs from a mortgage valuation. It is an assessment of a property by identifying any major issues. House surveys are mainly for the benefit of prospective buyers as they tell the condition of the property before acquiring it. Just looking cannot interpret most of the details that make up the state of the property. The method for determining the true condition of a property should be from the actual inspection during an official property survey.

The land surveyor can tell you what kind of real estate survey meets your needs. By choosing the most appropriate type of property survey, you will avoid many problems related to buying a property.

Being conversant with the house problems will enable you to budget for repairs or decide whether to purchase the property. You may also be able to renegotiate the price with the owner or the vendor. Below are other types of house surveys.

Homebuyer’s Report

The HomeBuyer report, also known as the Homebuyer Survey, is a good choice if the property you buy seems to be in a decent state and has not transformed since construction. Surveyors examine only reasonably accessible areas. The subsequent report will help you decide on whether to buy the property or if it is priced correctly.

There are two options in this type of survey: to include the survey with or without a property valuation. A survey will only inform you of any major problems such as rot. A survey with valuation will provide details on major problems, a valuation, and an insurance reinstatement. Prices range from £400 to £1,000, depending on the type of property.

Full Building Survey

A comprehensive construction study is designed to identify all asset deficiencies and provide recommendations for maintenance costs, remediation and capital requirements. The depth of the investigation depends on the identification of fundamental problems and major deficiencies in all types of buildings. However, more specialized investigations point out serious damages and very rare problems.

Whether a sales price is agreed with a supplier, a freeholder or an owner, a comprehensive construction study is often a valuable bargaining tool. The details in the report may support requests to carry out certain repairs or reduce the purchase price before transferring ownership.

Building Survey

Building studies, also known as structural studies, require more comprehensive and detailed inspections and assessments of the interior and exterior of the building structure, both visual and non-visual. Such investigations are strongly recommended if the property is obsolete and made of materials without form work (such as wood), aging or significantly renovated facilities or if major structural changes or work in progress take place. They can be a good indication to any future work or the requirement of buildings insurnace

This includes checking all accessible areas such as the roof, basement, and ground. Also, being aware of issues that affect the structural integrity of the building, such as rot problems, dry rot, woodworm invasion, or potential hazards such as a big tree close to the building.

At the end of the audit, there will be a report detailing all the information the interviewer thinks you should know about your property. The report lists all identified defects, possible causes, significance (if immediate action is necessary or temporarily negligible), and suggest the recommendations to correct them. It also includes technical details on building construction, materials used, etc.

Surveyors conducting this type of house survey have no standard format that they follow. Each investigator has his own way of reporting. The survey also excludes evaluation unless specifically requested by the surveyor.

RICS status report

This is a cheap version of Home Buyer’s report and does not include ratings. The Royal institute of chartered surveyors status report is designed to show the status of the property. It will supplement the information provided in the mortgage valuation survey.

RICS evaluators and those who have not taken part in the RICS Evaluator Registration Program can conduct the survey.

What are the costs of house surveys?

The key information provided by housing surveys far outweighs the cost of HomeBuyer reports and building surveys in relation to the required repair price.

Construction surveys (or “structural surveys”) are the most comprehensive and therefore the most expensive. Prices in the VAT range from £500 to £ 1,300. It may seem like a lot of money, but if you are investing in problematic real estate, you may realize a lot of savings. Minimize risk, make informed decisions about real estate purchases, and most importantly, give yourself peace of mind.

How to find a surveyor

Residential surveyors range from individual groups to large companies, regardless of your clientele; they are registered with industry associations such as the Royal Society of Chartered Surveyors (RIC) and the Real Estate Surveyors Association (RPSA).

Sometimes, a real estate agent or mortgage lender may recommend an expert, but agents or lenders often receive commissions before they make recommendations.

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